Paris [17ème]
Client :
BNP Paribas Real Estate, NBIM
Surface :
20 000 m²
Budget :
Team :
Terrell, Elithis, DAL, SLA paysagiste
Woodeum, Serge Airaudi [philosopher and ethnologist], Atelier BNP Paribas, Afnor, Spice Soft, Fluicity
Status :
Competition january 2016
Program :
Offices (11 000 m²), housing (4 200 m² ), social housing (1 800 m²),tea plantations (13 300 m²), horticulture school, tea branch, trades.
Photographers :
© Jacques Ferrier chartier + dalix architectes / image SPLANN (perspective)
© Jacques Ferrier chartier + dalix architectes (model)

reinventer.paris is a unique opportunity to transform the metropolis at a key-location: the ring road. Our team offers to change it into a shared landscape so as to enable continuities, and to create a garden network going way beyond our plot, from Paris to Neuilly, from the Bois de Boulogne to Porte de Champerret.
The ring road is crossed by a bridge-landscape: an inhabited structure including halls, shops, an urban horticulture school and a co-working space. This structure is covered by a garden open to all, permeable to the public space from all sides. Housing and offices freely settle above the bridge-landscape. Their constructive autonomy allows a programmatic flexibility meant to facilitate the renewal of the city. Rooftops are linked in order to make accessible an urban farm dedicated to create the first vintage Parisian tea. Collective bungalows enable residents to enjoy this extraordinary garden. Through the planted balconies and landscape-bridge, a new landscape apparatus operates as an environmental machine, and takes part into the pleasure of living the city together, differently. The building in Porte des Ternes is both contextual and unprecedented, in consistency with the Parisian scale. This generous project is based on the “habitat experience”. The ring road turns into a Grand Paris landscape-public place, prototype of a new cityscape…