Housing and urban farm, Girondins district

Living on an urban farm in Lyon

Located at the entrance to this district in the process of transformation, the block is to be connected with neighbouring buildings already constructed and which constitute the beginnings of the new centrality of the Girondins. The programme of social and student housing is completed by a professional urban farm on the roof, run by an independent market gardener. More than a superimposition of layers, it is above all a question here of making these programmes cohabit to offer the inhabitants new ways of living through a common good. In this objective of making this building a productive place, the landscaped heart of the block offers breathing space while being a space of relaxation and leisure for the inhabitants. The block, which is largely open, provides the richness of a densely planted garden, supporting a vertical plant layer ensuring continuity and diversity of the ecosystem. The homes created all benefit from the same qualities - views, layout, relationship to the outside, orientation - and above all carry the common ambition of "living on an urban farm".

Housing and urban farm, Girondins district logements-ferme-urbaine-girondins-06
Housing and urban farm, Girondins district logements-ferme-urbaine-girondins-01

This project sets the stage for life. It is a support for a human, ecological and biodiverse living environment. Firstly, it is a place of human life through the social links and neighbourliness that it provides in the heart of the block, in the circulation spaces or on the roof. And by going beyond this, by opening the building up to the neighbourhood and the city.

Housing and urban farm, Girondins district logements-ferme-urbaine-girondins-00
Housing and urban farm, Girondins district logements-ferme-urbaine-girondins-10
Housing and urban farm, Girondins district logements-ferme-urbaine-girondins-02

Secondly, a biodiverse link through the installation of plant strata make this block a total ecosystem. Finally, an ecological link, through the development of a agricultural production in the city - which ensures independence and food security - and the low-carbon approach to its construction.

Housing and urban farm, Girondins district logements-ferme-urbaine-girondins-20
Housing and urban farm, Girondins district logements-ferme-urbaine-girondins-04

Lyon (69)


Alliade Habitat


8,675 m²


EVP (structure), B52 (HVAC), BMF (economist), Zefco (Hqe), OGI (vrd), Big Bang (landscape), Jean-Paul Lamoureux (acoustics), Cultures en Ville (urban farming)

Associate architects

Doucerain Lievre Delziani


€13 M before tax


In studies, delivery in 2024

Project manager

Mathieu Terme, Lucile Le Rouillé




106 social housing units (for sale and rental) and 20 student housing units, urban farm and business premises


NF Habitat HQE  / RE 2020 ic2025