Logistic Center in the Ardoines district

A logistic building integrated into the urban environment, market garden activities on the roof

Logistics activities are playing an increasingly important role in the competitiveness of companies, particularly through the efficient management of circulation flows. The logistics centre must be highly functional and stimulate the production dynamic, renewing the company's image, while offering viable environmental solutions to its users and its urban context. The main challenge of this project was to imagine a warehouse building that would also be a rich, virtuous urban element integrated into its fabric. We chose to make the envelope a surface for exchange with the city - evolving and living - and the roof a planted surface dedicated to market gardening activities (one hectare of urban agriculture managed by a farmer).

Logistic Center in the Ardoines district hotel-logistique-sogaris-01

We developed this project along three major axes: to contain the disruptive activities to the center of the facility, to strongly enhance the external aspect of the logistics building, and to integrate additional programmes that increase the use value of the project.

Logistic Center in the Ardoines district hotel-logistique-sogaris-32
Logistic Center in the Ardoines district hotel-logistique-sogaris-00

To compensate for the size and opacity of the façades, we designed a planted interface with the urban space: a strip of permeable ground surrounds the building. This linear park shelters a dense vegetation whose composition adapts to the orientations of each façade.

Logistic Center in the Ardoines district hotel-logistique-sogaris-33
Logistic Center in the Ardoines district hotel-logistique-sogaris-20
Logistic Center in the Ardoines district hotel-logistique-sogaris-21

On the roof, a 10,000 m² urban agriculture farm will contribute to supplying the inhabitants of the future district. The logistics centre becomes an urban tool that goes beyond its primary function to also serve residents of the city.

Logistic Center in the Ardoines district hotel-logistique-sogaris-34
Logistic Center in the Ardoines district hotel-logistique-sogaris-31

Vitry-sur-Seine (94)


GA Promotion for Sogaris


40,000 m²


Ingérop (HVACS), Franck Boutté Consultants (Hqe and thermal), Bmf (costing), CSD Faces (SSI), Batyom (logistics), Atelier d’écologie Urbaine (ecology)




Delivered in 2024

Project manager

Mathieu Terme, Nicolas Jentellet, Tudor Neagu


Design and construction supervision


20,000 m² logistics, 10,000 m² workshops and small industry, 4,000 m² offices and 10,000 m² urban agriculture.


Hqe approach