Transformation of the Guillot-Bourdeix tower

Restructuring to create a mixed-use block open to the neighbourhood and an urban park

For the CIRC block and its emblematic tower, the Nouvelle AOM imagines a densification project that is reasoned and respectful of the environment. The aim is to promote the value of this existing built heritage by proposing new uses, opening up the block to the neighbourhood and restoring open-ground gardens to a currently very mineral site. The tower is a mixed-use building, with residential accommodation on the upper levels, business and retail premises at the foot of the tower, a third-party centre in the existing auditorium, and a restaurant and shared garden accessible to local residents at the top. The existing Latarjet building, renovated and enlarged, returns to the historic role of the district by housing a health centre. At the heart of the new block, an edible garden to the west and a clearing and wooded park to the east will blend in with the existing trees. A pedestrian walkway crosses the urban park, making it accessible to the people of Lyon. This new pathway is flanked by two new buildings that complete the block. Their lightweight, low-carbon design - wood structure, biosourced insulation and geosourced partitioning - encourages the use of local resources and recycled materials. They house residential accommodation, reversible offices and ground-floor shops.

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The project to restructure the CIRC block into an exemplary site for the post-carbon city is a demonstrator of the challenges associated with the rehabilitation and enhancement of the modern heritage inherited from the 20th century, and the restoration of ecological environments in urban areas.

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The Guillot tower and Bourdeix auditorium, built in 1972 by architects Pierre Bourdeix and Paul Guillot from Lyon, are being renovated using an exemplary bioclimatic approach that will guarantee optimum summer comfort. We are taking advantage of the morphology that characterises the existing building: wide spines on the facade providing each dwelling with an outdoor space and high ceilings.

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The renaturation of the site - 6,000 m² of planted areas, with more than 40% of open ground - guarantees the comfort and quality of life of users, but also ensures that the project is part of a wider ecological plan. It helps to create an island of coolness, contributes to rainwater management and accentuates the continuity between environments.

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Lyon (69)


Redman and Icade Promotion


13,500 m²


Moz paysage (landscape), Studio MUGO (landscape and urban agriculture), SETEC (structure and fire prevention), Artelia (HVAC, roads and utilities), Iliade (costs), CPos (sustainable development), Pouget Consultants (environment), Arcora (facades), LASA (acoustics), Cycle Up (re-use), Ubiquiste (ecologist), Socotec (control office), Collectif grabuge (concertation), Emma Haziza (hydrologist), NF Etude (sociology)

Associate architects

Nouvelle AOM (ChartierDalix, Franklin Azzi Architecture, Hardel Le Bihan Architectes), Atelier Charlotte Vergély


Winning competition, delivery in 2028




Tower: 4,900 m² of housing, 200 m² of gardens, 400 m² of restaurant and 240 m² of active base; Auditorium: 696 m² of third-party premises; Latarjet building: 2,720 m² of medical centre; Lumière building: 1,868 m² of housing and 115 m² of shops; Thomas building: 1,955 m² of offices and 100 m² of shops; Mobility hub: 520 m²; 6,000 m² of planted areas


Nouvelle AOM – Virgin Lemon