Coupe longitudinale

Pantin [93]
Client :
EMERIGE Résidentiel
Surface :
14 377 m²
Team :
Project leader:
Christophe Duchesne
Budget :
3.5 ME excluding tax
Status :
Program :
118 housings + 65 social housings et 129 parking spaces, a dancing school, a brasserie and a commercial zone

The plot faces the Ourq Canal, a large-scale facility showing the mutations of the city: the canal used to be a freight infrastructure, and has now turned into a leisure facility. Considering this singular landscape, three main wills led this project:
- Opening the block onto the public space, by generous visual access through the gardens. This green space is open to all and receives common activities such as vegetable garden, sandbox, solarium, aromatic garden… It is a true socialization space, at the heart of the block.
- Designing the canal-facing façade as an emblematic showcase for the city thanks to an authentic material -hand-moulded brick- and wide openings. This enables a formal dialog with the traditional “industrial spirit” characterizing Pantin since the beginning of the 20th century.
- Developing multiple types in order to enrich the apartment offer, and to diversify the typology of open spaces (green terraces, gardens, accessible rooftops etc.).
On the canal side, the building’s slot/slab structure enables a great flexibility regarding the apartments layout, paced by the full height bay windows and balconies, facing the landscape. The building implanted on the street side offers angle apartments providing three orientations thanks to a “cut off” corner, and adapts to this more urban context with 70cm-high windowsills. At the centre of the block, crossing townhouses immersed in greenery complete the offer with an “urban countryside” touch.