Housing and retail in a river eco-district

Evolutive and adaptable, the buildings are a source of urbanity and social cohesion

In L'Ile-Saint-Denis, the architecture of the PA development is helping to create a neighbourhood that encourages social interaction. Part of the River Eco-district that will host athletes during the 2024 Olympic Games, the development will be transformed into a residential and commercial neighbourhood after the event. Characterised by a high morphological and typological density, the site comprises four social housing buildings and one office building. Arranged in strips perpendicular to the Seine, the buildings form a built front facing the Quai du Châtelier. The result of our coordination work is a visually coherent whole, with a single building unified by large balconies. This linear design is punctuated by a series of landscaped crossings that alternate with the coloured minerality of the facades, creating large porches on the ground floor that let in the view. Experimentation with staining and sandblasting the concrete has led to the development of a harmonious colour palette for the whole site. Work on the depth of the buildings accentuates the transition from the urban bustle of the quayside to the more intimate and domestic pedestrian heart of the block. Underlined by a lowering of the building heights, they are punctuated by inhabited disruptions, grouping together through lobbies, vertical circulation and landings. Each apartment has its own outdoor space - balcony, terrace, conservatory - which can be used for a variety of purposes depending on the type, orientation and degree of privacy. Finally, on the 5th floor of each building, residents enjoy a large communal terrace planted with trees and shrubs.

Housing and retail in a river eco-district logements-commerces-ecoquartier-fluvial-ile-saint-denis-23
Housing and retail in a river eco-district logements-commerces-ecoquartier-fluvial-ile-saint-denis-08

The definition of a set of common rules - design of facades, railings, ground floor typology, structural grid - ensures architectural consistency while allowing each building to express its specific and differentiated character. Diversity is expressed through the colours of the concrete, the use of solar protection, the size of the windows and the effects of the modenature.

Housing and retail in a river eco-district logements-commerces-ecoquartier-fluvial-ile-saint-denis-40
Housing and retail in a river eco-district logements-commerces-ecoquartier-fluvial-ile-saint-denis-02
Housing and retail in a river eco-district logements-commerces-ecoquartier-fluvial-ile-saint-denis-07

The wide, walk-through external landings open onto terraces, providing a link between communal circulation and interior privacy, giving the buildings flexibility of use while encouraging residents to make them their own. We are offering autonomy of use, allowing everyone to rediscover the freedom of their own journeys.

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Housing and retail in a river eco-district logements-commerces-ecoquartier-fluvial-ile-saint-denis-41
Housing and retail in a river eco-district logements-commerces-ecoquartier-fluvial-ile-saint-denis-06

On the ground floor, the landscaped walkways, made up of large flowerbeds planted with perennials, shrubs and trees, link the two arms of the Seine. These borders, which can be crossed, provide a planted setting that limits overlooking, helps to cool the building in summer and helps to manage rainwater run-off.

Housing and retail in a river eco-district logements-commerces-ecoquartier-fluvial-ile-saint-denis-26
Housing and retail in a river eco-district logements-commerces-ecoquartier-fluvial-ile-saint-denis-20

L’Île-Saint-Denis (93)


Pichet Immobilier, Legendre Immobilier


7,055 m² (3,215 m² PA7 site + 3,840 m² PA8 site)


ChartierDalix (coordinator of the PA block), Philippon-Kalt (urban planner), Tem Partners (structure, fluids), Arcadis (thermal), Atelier Volga (landscape)

Associate architects

MGAU, NP2F, Hardel Le Bihan


12 M€ before tax


Delivery in 2024

Project manager

Sebastien Chevance, Yoann Marie




JOP phase: athletes' hostel
Heritage phase: 46 mixed housing units and retail (PA7) + 44 mixed housing units and retail (PA8)


BiodiverCity and BEE+ labels


Nicolas Trouillard