Metamorphosis of the Ariane Tower

50 years after its conception, the Ariane Tower is reinterpreted by Nouvelle AOM

The project to renovate the Tour Ariane includes the renovation of the entire façade to improve its thermal and acoustic qualities, while respecting the architectural principles of the original design by Jean de Mailly in 1975, as well as the development of the communal areas of the base. The project preserves the legibility of the portholes, the characteristic windows of this first-generation tower, and allows us to read the original tripartite order lost during successive renovations. The design of the façade reveals the mineral nature of this tower, built with a concrete structure. The entrance pavilion, entirely glazed, will house new functions: a waiting room and a bar opening onto a large hall. In the basement, the business centre will have an auditorium and two meeting rooms.

Metamorphosis of the Ariane Tower metamorphose-tour-ariane-27

The Ariane renovation project is part of a dialogue with the architectural and structural features of the existing tower to both reveal and transform it into a 21st century tower.

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The project proposed by Nouvelle AOM involves replacing the original façade with a new envelope. This second skin will of course improve thermal insulation, but it will also be an opportunity to create a new architectural expression: contemporary, uncluttered and regular.

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The tower's facades are made up of repetitive modules that correspond to the constructive framework of the existing concrete structure and envelope. They consist of a rectangular frame of transparent double glazing in front of the portholes, and opaque glazing in front of the spandrels.

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Puteaux (92)


Euro Ariane SAS/Redman represented by BauMont Real Estate Capital and Aquila Asset Management


64,500 m²


Setec (bet structure and engineering), Lamoureux (Acoustics), Cosil Peutz (lights), GV Ingénierie (costing), Artelia (MOEX)

Associate architects

Nouvelle AOM (Franklin Azzi Architecture, ChartierDalix, Hardel Le Bihan Architectes)


€47 M before tax


Under construction, delivery in 2024




Renovation of the entire facade, development of common areas and a business center


BREEAM RFO 2015, level Very Good ; Overall energy consumption of the building -30% after works.


Nicolas Trouillard


Artefactory/Nouvelle AOM