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Transformation of a maternity hospital into a hybrid facility hosting nursery, school, gymnasium and workspaces.

The historic hospital complex of Saint Vincent de Paul is emblematic of the potential of adaptive reuse. The site is now undergoing a unique metamorphosis in Paris in terms of its development strategy and environmental innovation. The transformation of the old maternity ward into a “super facility” for the neighborhood is an opportunity to rethink this place so that it bears witness to its history, to develop a new project that allows for a diversity of users. By bringing together a school, a pre-school, a gymnasium, community spaces and workspaces, this multi-programming provides a new model of public facility that encourages plurality. We seek to encourage the collective by the versatility and the flexibility of the spaces throughout the day. Outside of school hours, the school library is made available to the community, the playground, the courtyard and the refectory are open to the public and almost the entire ground floor can be used to accommodate an open-air cinema or a book fair.

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The morphology of the existing building, and in particular its narrowness, is an opportunity to rethink the teaching spaces. The classrooms all have double exposures as well as an "extra room" which allows new educational pedagogies to be encouraged.

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Emphasizing inter-class learning, stimulating artistic and creative activities, encouraging the autonomy of the children and the care of the younger children by the older ones, are all ambitions that do not usually find their place in the standard school spaces.

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On the footprint of the only demolished building, a garden of refuge is found: a place of observation and experimentation intended for the children of the school as well as for the local residents and associations, it constitutes a major educational tool and illustrates the link that we believe to be fundamental between humans, nature and culture.

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Paris 14


Paris & Métropole Aménagement




Atelier Roberta (Landscaping), Zefco (Environment), EVP (Structure), B-52 (Fluids), R-Use (Reuse), LASA (Acoustics), BMF (Economist), CSD Faces (SSI)


€19,8 M before tax


Under construction, delivery in 2025

Project manager

Mathieu Terme, Gabrielle Baujet, Ulysse Daufresne




Primary school (8 classes), nursery (66 places), gymnasium (type B), community spaces, workspaces.


Enerphit, Passivhaus, RT2012, RT-Ex, BBCA biosourced building level 3