Housing and shops, rue Gabriel Péri

54 housing and shops opposite the Carmelite convent in Saint-Denis

The plot is located in the heart of a central district of Saint-Denis in a context that mixes some extremes from the surrounding buildings (heritage buildings and run-down housing stock). Facing the Carmelite monastery, the project rises in successive withdrawals in order to attenuate the face-to-face relationship with the cloister, by gradually distancing the facades. This allows the majority of the flats to have outdoor spaces and multiplies the double orientations. A break in the rue des Carmélites creates a visual breakthrough into the heart of the block and links it with the Carmelite gardens, thus ensuring a real landscape continuity between the two plots.

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Housing and shops, rue Gabriel Péri logements-commerces-gabriel-peri-20

Major infrastructure projects, run-down housing stock and important heritage sites rub shoulders in a whirlwind of energy. The site of the project is in a way the theatre of this encounter, which is why we sought to create a unifying link around history, memory and uses.

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The unobstructed view over the Carmelite convent is an extraordinary privilege for the inhabitants. The presence of this heritage building is a starting point for establishing a close link between the place and the project: to ensure that the project is the result of this encounter.

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Allowing users to become aware of the specificity of a site is a potential that marks difference, something that could be translated as: "We don't live the same everywhere". The heart of the housing block, like an enclosed garden, offers a green space on permeable ground, a place of calm whose role is fundamental for the thermal regulation of the buildings. Complemented by a shared roof garden, the building offers residents the opportunity to do things together.

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Saint-Denis (93)


Emerige Residentiel


4,080 m²


Buhot (structure), Retrayt (thermal), JLR (fluids)


€6,5 M before tax


Delivered in 2019

Project manager

Tomoko Karakawa, Christophe Duchesne




54 private housing units, 230 m² of retail space and 54 parking spaces


Environmental process, RT2012 thermal regs


Camille Gharbi, Takuji Shimmura


Frame Awards 2019, Public Prize, Category Co-living complex