New Headquarters of the AP-HP

Work spaces open to their environment within the Saint Antoine Hospital

The Saint Antoine hospital site is a real city within the city. Autonomous in its functioning and permeable to the neighbourhood, it has gradually become denser over the last century. The new headquarters is located on a plot of land lined with buildings (including a ground floor + 10 storeys) and already used extensively as a relaxation area by the hospital's employees. Respecting this place means respecting the habits of the 3700 employees who work on the site every day. The project is compact, does not affect the luminosity of the neighbouring buildings and frees up a green area equivalent to 50% of the plot of land that will be accessible to all. An amphitheatre is placed under this new landscape topography. The triangular and radiating shape of the building generates three directions. The new headquarters does not turn its back on any neighbouring building and all the façades are treated with the same care. The glazing is generous and the balconies flow around it, providing a uniformity of light to the work spaces and spectacular views of the hospital, the garden and Paris from the top floors.

New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-22

Respect for the existing environment, the preservation of views as well as optimal and flexible functionality over time are all conditions that guided the placement and volume. The design of the facades is based on a sober and largely glazed architectural reading, highlighting the transparent base and the slender balconies.

New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-31
New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-00
New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-02
New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-33

For the balance of the site, we propose to find a green heart in the block compatible with the new programme.  By planting on top of all of the programmes located in the base and by reconstituting a hilly landscape, we create a gentle topography inviting people to walk on this new ground.

New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-09
New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-15
New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-32

A public place with trees, this planted area will be the centre of exchanges. The layout of the garden is designed to increase the permeable surfaces and to accentuate the planted landscape continuity. The plant species have been chosen from among those indigenous to the Ile-de-France region.

New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-05
New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-16
New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-14

The continuation of our research into providing spaces for flora and fauna is applied here by the construction of a 390 m² biodiverse1 wall in collaboration with the company CBC. Continuing the garden, this perimeter wall surrounds the auditorium that supports the planted hill. The substrate forms a continuum, from the permeable ground to the roof garden.

1 ChartierDalix in partnership with CBC, as part of a more global research on biodiverse walls

New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-06
New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-04
New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-35
New Headquarters of the AP-HP nouveau-siege-aphp-23

Paris 12




9,485 m²


CBC (Contractor), Etamine (Heq), Tess (facade), Inex (TCE), Lasa (Acoustic), Majorelle (Space Planning), AE75 (costing), Jean Louis Ducreux (ecologist)


€27 M before tax


Delivered in june 2022

Project manager

Tomoko Karakawa, Patrick Bourgeois, Camille Genoud


Complete (+Space Planning)


AP-HP headquarters : work and meeting spaces (two 130-person meeting rooms), amphitheater (120 seats, ERP cat. 5, type L), conviviality space for 130 people and hanging garden


HQE 2016 Excellent, E2C1, Ready to OsmoZ


Takuji Shimmura, Camille Gharbi